In a world where everyone is turning to e-filing their taxes, how do you know which company to choose? Even the commercials during the Super Bowl are showing e-filing software and apps and it’s a competitive market. Since we aren’t all CPA’s or can afford to hire one more and more we are turning to these easy to use solutions for their accuracy and efficiency. We’ve checked out and here’s our review after putting it to the test.

What is is online tax preparation software for both state and federal tax filings. They help you file for income taxes faster and more accurately than traditional paper forms. With easy to follow questions and steps they streamline the process of filing for your taxes. And assist you in getting your refund as fast as possible, in as little as 8 days. also offers full featured online tax software at a significantly less expensive price than its competitors. Making returns for all types of filings easily accessible to everyone.  

There are three different packages to choose from on to suite your filing needs. Their most popular option is the Free Federal which offers complete filing support and is perfect for single or joint filings. Other options include their Deluxe Plus which allows you to file with dependents and deduct mortgage interest. And their Premier Plus supports all types of deductions, all types of credits and business income.

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The Pros

There are many benefits to filing with just waiting for you once you sign up.  

  1. With you can stop and come back to the questions at any time and your work will be saved.  
  2. There’s an option to pay for the service out of your refund, costing you nothing up front.
  3. They offer resources to help you manage your finances year-round.
  4. They give you personalized tax tips and reminders specific to you.
  5. There are more ways to recieve your refund.
  6. Their pricing is up to 50% discounted compared to its competitors.
  7. They have access to new tools to make filing easier and faster such as an audit risk meter, basic calculator, IRS publications, check return for errors, pull prior year and prior year comparison.
  8. 24 hour email support center.

The Cons

While anyone can file their federal tax return for free with, not all states are eligible for the state filing through Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming all have to file their state taxes elsewhere.

While offers 24 hour email support, it does not offer live communication with real CPAs and EAs like some of its competitors.  

In a world that is so heavily technology dependent, e-filing is replacing the old way of filing for taxes. costs a fraction of the cost of filing with an accountant and about half the price of other e-filing software companies out there. It may not offer you all the bells and whistles but ultimately it is a great service and offers you everything you need for a successful and easy filing.  


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