Nobody WANTS to go to the dentist. It’s awkward and sometimes even painful, and not just for your mouth, but for your wallet as well. Here are some of the top reasons you should go visit the dentist sooner rather than later. Trust us, your teeth (and your wallet) will thank you.

  • You’re only as healthy as your teeth

Your teeth are a major part of your body, so why wouldn’t you take care of them? If you take your car in for maintenance more than your own teeth, there is a serious problem. Tooth and gum problems can turn into serious health issues fast. People have actually died from lack of dental care.

  • Going now saves you later

The more work you need done, the bigger your bill is going to be. Going for regular cleanings and x-rays help spot small issues before they become major problems. This small amount of maintenance can save you time, money, and spare you from lots of pain as well.

  • It’s now affordable

If money is holding you back from going to the dentist, there are affordable options out there for dental insurance. Like Spirit Dental & Vision for instance.


What Dental Insurance From Spirit Gets You:

  • Choose your own dentist

Because finding a dentist you are comfortable with is important. Spirit allows you to choose which dentist you want to go see. With thousands of dentists in their network, it is easy to find a good one.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance

It doesn’t matter what your dental or health history is, you are automatically guaranteed acceptance into this insurance. No running around getting health records and other paperwork together. Just sign up and find your dentist.

  • No waiting periods

Most people don’t even think about the dentist until they need one. Spirit Dental and Vision insurance kicks in immediately from day one, so you don’t have to suffer in pain for weeks before you’re able to see a dentist.

  • 3 cleanings per year

With Spirit Vision and Dental, you get three cleanings per year. Most companies only offer two, but going three times a year has great benefits not just because it makes your teeth look great, but is beneficial for your health as well.

  • Implants and major services covered

Unlike many dental savings plans, Spirit Vision and Dental covers major dental work including implants. This is great news for people who need a lot of work done as prices can quickly soar into the tens of thousands for dental work.

  • High limit

Spirit covers up to $5,000 of dental work each year. This is way more than what the average person uses. With high maximum payouts, you can be assured that you will get the dental care you need without shelling out a ton of extra money.

If you can’t remember the last time you went to the dentist, it’s beyond time you go. Now that price is no longer a factor, there is nothing holding you back. So keep that smile bright!


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