Are you a recent college graduate? Is your new found freedom and success met with crippling financial responsibility from your student loans and interest? Starting your career is an exciting time and we all want to be independent. But if you’ve got education debt, chances are you are over your head with monthly loan repayments and may even be stuck living at home with mom and dad. You can pay less on student loans and get more out of life by student loan refinancing with Credible.

What Is Credible?

Credible is a marketplace that allows you to compare financial products such as student loans, personal loans, and credit cards side-by-side. Credible is not a lender, a bank, or a credit card issuer. They partner with the best financial service providers so that they can provide you with a variety of competitive options. This enables you to find the best financial product for your needs.

Credible is your go-to source for comparing student loan refinancing and consolidation lenders. They help connect you with the best offers for your undergraduate and graduate degree loans. Their lenders offer fixed and variable rates with terms ranging from 5 to 20 years.

Essentially, you are taking out a new loan and using it to pay off some or all of your education debt. The interest rate and repayment terms of your private and federal student loans will adjust. The best time to refinance is after graduation when you’ve secured employment and established good credit.  

Why Credible Excels Above The Rest

Credible gives you the ability to compare multiple lenders at a time within minutes. Rather than going to individual lenders and having to apply one by one, you can see across the board the terms being offered to you. Each lender has a different criteria and rating system, so it’s really important to be able to shop around when it comes to refinancing student loans. Start comparing now!

Their comparison process is risk free, and will not affect your credit score. Considering you will have a relationship with these potential lender’s for up to 20 years, it’s important you see how you fit with each one. And you do not want to hurt your credit in the process.

Credible has real people available to help you. They are made up of finance, technology, and marketing experts ready to assist you. They believe in empowering borrowers to take control of their finances.  

Credible never shares your information without your permission. They also keep your data safe and secure with 256-bit encryption and SSL technology. This is extremely important when entering sensitive financial information. So, the security aspect this service offers is comforting.  

Unlike many of its competitors, Credible offers refinancing options for those who didn’t graduate or are no longer enrolled.  Other comparison sites make it a requirement to hold a Title IV degree.

What Credible Could Improve

Some of Credible’s competitors have partnered up with micro-investing apps to offer incentives to you for getting funded through their lenders. Credible doesn’t currently have any offers for signing with their lenders.

There is also currently no program for borrowers with poor credit. You can however, get a cosigner and explore various options with cosigners on their site to see who would be the best to sign up with.  

Overall, we have to say that Credible is a great option to use for all of your student loan refinancing needs. They also offer private student loans and personal loans as well. The site is user-friendly, safe, and secure. They partner with top lenders and offer competitive rates to aid you in paying off your loans faster, and reducing your monthly payments and interest charges. Financial freedom is one step closer when you take control over your student loans.  

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