Every so often, a person gets to the point when they need a bit of financial guidance. However, you likely don’t want to pay top dollar for a financial advisor. Unless the decision you have to make is BIG, like your children’s inheritance, you probably don’t need to pay for advice. Instead, you could listen to the following personal finance podcasts for guidance. 

The 14 Best Finance Podcasts To Listen To


1. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is the expert to take financial advice from. He has six Publishers Weekly, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, and has been in the industry for 36+ years. He has been through financial struggle himself, having been in debt for 2+ years. Dave used his personal experience as a motivator to learn about how he could take control of his money. This led him to establish his company, Ramsey Solutions, in 1992, and eventually launch his podcast, The Ramsey Show. 

On his podcast, available on Apple and Google Podcasts, he discusses a wide range of finance topics including debt, retirement, investing, marriage, and more. Each of his podcasts is three hours long, but don’t be turned off by this. He really does provide valuable information that can be applied to real-life scenarios. 

2. So Money 

So Money is unique in that every episode features a different guest who has money and financial expertise. Each guest gives their own perspective on a topic and/or shares their past experiences with money. This podcast covers a variety of topics from relationships to work salary to saving for your Summer vacation. 

Host Farnoosh Torabi is a financial reporter with 15+ years in the business. She launched So Money in 2015, after publishing her books You’re So Money – Live Rich Even When You’re Not, Psych Yourself Rich: Get the Mindset & Discipline You Need to Build Your Financial Life, and When She Makes More. Her financial journey began with being in debt herself, and realizing that, “Young adults had no access to effective, fun, or even digestible financial advice.”  

3. Millennial Money 

Let’s face it. Many millennials today don’t know the first thing about money management (I know I didn’t used to). In Millennial Money, Shannah Compton Game, a Certified Financial Planner, explains money advice in a way that can understand and use it. On the podcast, she features a variety of guests from entrepreneurs to actors.

4. The College Investor 

Yet another millennial money podcast, but, this one specifically focuses on student loan debt and growing wealth for the future. The founder of The College Investor, Robert Farrington, covers a variety of topics from side hustles to earn more $$$ to the best free investing apps.

5. The Fairer Cents 

Kara and Tanja, two friends from different generations, talk about financial issues facing women and other underrepresented voices. They aren’t afraid to tackle the big issues like wage gap, invisible disability, and the boys’ club.   

6. Mo’ Money Podcast 

Millennial money expert and Accredited Financial Counselor Canada Jessica Moorhouse covers money topics that the everyday person needs to know about. For example, some of her recent podcasts include A Beginner’s Guide to Investing and Solutions for Your Student Debt. Her podcast’s mission is, “To help you learn how to manage your money better, make smarter choices, earn more money, become debt-free and live a more fulfilled and balanced life.”

7. Smart Passive Income 

If you are looking to boost your online business or blog to earn more money, this is the podcast to listen to! Pat Flynn talks about how you can earn passive income using business strategies and marketing techniques, while doing something you love. Topics covered could be anything from social media to SEO to content creation.  

8. The Side Hustle Show 

Not making enough money with your current job? Then, you might want to consider taking up a side hustle, if you haven’t done so already. The Side Hustle Show, hosted by Nick Loper, can help you discover your side hustle dream and get it off the ground. 

9. Stacking Benjamins 

Stacking Benjamins creates a light, funny, and welcoming environment for anyone looking to learn more about financial management. Their main focus is based on the fact that, “Literacy rates around the world are dropping, and this podcast is meant to help foster much needed conversations about money.” They’ve  discuss topics including getting a 800+ credit score and the downsides to early retirement. 

10. Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters, starring Andrew Fiebart and Matt Giovanisci, is all about providing honest insight and actionable advice for people who want to help grow their personal finances. This duo realized that out of high school, most lack the basic education essential to money management. They understand that people today are sick of hearing financial advice from the 1% who are out of touch with the typical money problems many face. 

11. Radical Personal Finance

Want to live the rich life in the near future? Joshua Sheats, a financial planner and expert, wants to help people obtain financial freedom while living their best (and rich) life in the here and now. He focuses on all aspects of person finance in business, lifestyle, design, and financial planning. He does cover basic financial topics for beginners, but a majority of the topics are a bit advanced. 

12. Afford Anything

The key mission of this podcast is: You can afford anything, but not everything. From her website, Paula Pent says she focuses on answering two key questions:

  1. How can we make smarter decisions about our money, time and life?
  2. How can we align our daily behaviors and habits with the lifestyle we
    value most?

To help answer these questions, Paula covers topics involving investing, financial independence, travel, and more. She interviews people from all walks of life from parents to productivity experts to millionaires. 

13. The His & Her Money Show: Managing Money, Marriage, and Everything In Between

Take your financial journey with Talaat and Tai McNeely. As perfectly stated by them, “His and Her Money is a journey of how two high school sweethearts fell in love, got married, but were total opposites when it came to handling their finances.” They ultimately want to help anyone, especially those who are married, obtain financial freedom and be debt free. On this podcast, they discuss topics relating to debt, budgeting, side hustles, and more. 

14. The Dough Roller Money Podcast

Rob Berger, financial expert and family man, started The Dough Roller in 2007. He helps listeners understand some more difficult topics pertaining to making, giving, and saving money. For example, he covers the Latte Factor, which is the idea that if you stop buying Starbucks, you’ll end up with a million dollars in 40 years. 


That sums up our list of the best finance podcasts to listen to! However, you’re not limited to just checking out these. Below is a full playlist of personal finance podcasts we recommend:

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